The UKTA’s first National Course and Black Belt grading of 2020 took place at Sport Wales National Centre on March  6th – 8th.   

This memorable event brought together over 100 of our UKTA family, including all four Grandmasters, Grandmaster John Williamson, Grandmaster Michael Prewett, Grandmaster John Taylor, Grandmaster Gary Miller and ten of our UKTA Masters.  

Grandmaster Williamson, Grandmaster Taylor and Grandmaster Miller covered all aspects of Taekwon-Do starting with Fundamental movements working through all 24 Patterns, Sparring, Power, Flying Technique and Self- Defence.  The course finished on Saturday afternoon with a demonstration of Tong-Il by the UKTA Masters and a presentation of certificates for recent achievements.  

Thank you Mr Darren Johns 5th Dan and Mr Michael Barker 4th Dan for hosting/organising a memorable event and thanks to Mr Craig Biggs 2nd Dan for taking photographs over the weekend. View Photos

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Congratulations to all the successful grading candidates

Promoted to VI Dan
Stephen Luker Didcot TKD
Sarah Knight Soar Valley
Promoted to V Dan
Andrew Haynes Didcot
Promoted to IV Dan
Kris Ram Hillpark
Malcolm White RAM TKD
Alexander Thomson RAM TKD
Karen Frondigoun RAM TKD
Promoted to III Dan
Charlie Clark Caterham
Isabelle Naylor Didcot TKD
Ceridwen Morgan Didcot TKD
Inigo Santillan Fairwater
Promoted to II Dan
Mantas Grigaliunas Thames Valley
Charlie Rhodes Didcot TKD
Mark Lorrison Abingdon
Luisa Molteni – Kendall Caterham
Daniel McDonald RAM TKD
Isaac Berry Bartle Wirral
Sahil Dean Thames Valley
Omar Salim RAM TKD
Rebecca Reilly RAM TKD
Gabriella Rhodes Didcot TKD
Seren Fullbrook Didcot TKD
Jack O’Donnell Thames Valley
Ethan Matthews SWAT
William Baldwin Thames Valley
Samuel Tonks SWAT
Promoted to I Dan
Daniel Dysart Wirral
Spencer Lorrison Abingdon
Grace Axe Exeter
Denislav Syarov Caledonian Uni
Boaz Johnson Cardiff Self Defence
Matthew Mitchell – Heggs Crawley Down
Cameron Carse Shotts
Richard Williams Cardiff North
Marina Leiper NEST TKD
Naoise Fullbrook Didcot TKD
James Leckie Shotts
Libby Willis Didcot TKD
Filip Dudek Thames Valley
Julia Kaszuba Thames Valley
Aaron Goddard Didcot TKD
Struan Thomson RAM TKD