Where to start. Thank you to all the ladies who attended our UKTA celebration of women’s Independence Day. Three hours went far too fast! 
Huge thank you Mr Hampson VI Dan for so brilliantly booking the hall and facilities. And thank you to all the instructors who encouraged their students to attend. 
Absolutely fantastic to train alongside Master Langfield VII Dan and for our colour belt members to experience training under her guidance. A big thank you to Mrs Helen Bennet V Dan, Ms Karen Smith V Dan and Ms Katie Ellis V Dan for helping with the session. 
I’m inspired by the experience today. How amazing are our Taekwon-Do ladies. From little girls to grans having a go. To nursing mums bringing their babies and lining up, running about and performing patterns! Wow 🤩 
The Taekwon-Do family is strong 👊🏼
We raised £340 after the cost of the hall. It was decided by vote that the majority would go to women’s aid (£200) and the remaining balance (£140) will be donated to Mind, the mental Health charity.

Mrs Jennifer Taverner V Dan