On the 9th, 10th and 11th of April 2021 the UKTA decided to hold its National Course and Black Belt grading ‘Online’ using Zoom due to the ongoing Covid restrictions in the UK.   

This proved a historic event that brought together 93 of our UKTA family to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the naming of Taekwon-Do. 

During the seminar Grand Masters John Williamson, John Taylor and Gary Miller covered Stretching,  Fundamental movements, All 24 Patterns, Set Sparring, Kicking Techniques and the Theory of Power.  

On Sunday 11th April there was an opportunity for students to grade on the 66th Anniversary. 

Congratulations to all the successful grading candidates

Promoted to 6th Degree; Yookdan
Dougie Macfarlan Merrylee
Promoted to 5th Degree; Ohdan
Kirsty Miller Didcot
Kirsty Reilly Merrylee
Promoted to 4th Degree; Sadan
Adelaida Osborne Exeter
Mandeep Lahori Botley
Promoted to 3rd Degree; Samdan
Bronwen Edwards Oxford Uni
Ruth Brooks Thames Valley
Promoted to 2nd Degree; Idan
Sean McIntyre Vale TKD
Amy Burgess Redhill
Paolo Minhas Thames Valley
Leighton Prosser Ely
Rashid Amassoul Redhill
Tim Morgan Cardiff North
Ramak Farahani Thames Valley
Gruffudd Danaher SWAT TKD
Keith Hardman Thames Valley
Kyah-Breeze Yeo South Devon
Hannah Young Crawley Down
Andrew Crerar Thames Valley
Jakub Lembas Exeter
Kiera Taverner-Nsunta Exeter
Max Rhodes Botley
Oliver Clark Crawley Down
Roselyn Sweeney Airdrie
Nicki Little Airdrie
Paul Bateman NEST
Promoted to 1st Degree; Ildan
Lily Bunting Vale TKD
Noah Morgan Cardiff North
Alannah Scott Thames Valley
Balraj Singh Purewal Thames Valley
Robert Sung Abingdon
James Barr Redhill
Victoria Davis Vale TKD
Lisa-Marie Betteridge Didcot
Louis Burgess Brighton & Hove
Dawid Cierniewski Shotts
Isabelle Chim SWAT TKD
Archie Hedger Botley
Kimberly Davies SWAT TKD
Amber Luker Didcot
Mia Woolner Didcot
Owain Scholey SWAT TKD
Catrin Holmes Cardiff Self Defence
Charan Botchu Thames Valley
Meila Rowlands SWAT TKD
Kavish Sharma Thames Valley
Edmund Chim SWAT TKD
Harvey Claridge Didcot
Alexander Kami Hawkings Thames Valley
Lucas Betteridge Didcot
Shivam Shah Thames Valley
Jacqueline Mudie Caterham
Darrell Walsh Brighton & Hove
Simon Byatt Caterham