The UKTA’s second National black belt course of 2019 was held in Glasgow 6th-7th Sept. Grandmaster Williamson IX, Grandmaster Prewett IX, Grandmaster Taylor IX and Grandmaster Miller IX were all in attendance passing on their wealth of experience to over more than one hundred members during the training.

Black belt group photo
The UKTA would like to thank Master Johnny Reilly VII for hosting the event.

Congratulations to all the successful grading candidates

Promoted to VI Dan
David Tee Thames Valley
Laurence Hand Thames Valley
Jacqueline Harris Soar Valley
Jon Swaine Brighton and Hove
Clare Matthews SWAT
Promoted to V Dan
Richard De-Winton Didcot
Carl Davis Vale TKD
William McIntosh Banff and Macduff
Louis MacDonald Thames Valley
Promoted to IV Dan
Conah Prosser Ely
Jenna Williams Cardiff Self Defence
Ian Spencer Soar Valley
Brian Cunningham Shotts
Joyce Carse Shotts
John Murphy Wishaw
Michelle Harris Exeter
Promoted to III Dan
Liam Miller Didcot
Richard Jennings Thames Valley
Richard Kendall Catherham
Ashley Swaine Brighton and Hove
Chloe Swaine Brighton and Hove
Promoted to II Dan
Fraser Byers RAM
Kieran Fowler South Devon
William Clark Crawley Down
Anya Nicholas Cardiff Self Defence
Olivia Hope Cardiff Self Defence
Nicole Olagesin NEST
Chloe Garner Wirral
Eve Kendall Catherham
Danny-Boy Wheadon Fairwater
Charlie Petersen Fairwater
Will Crane Walton
David Crane Walton
Kate Glasscoe Banff and Macduff
Sarah Bennell Wirral
Christian Tasker Elgin
Ishbel Jeuken Morley
Promoted to I Dan
Iain Cattanach Caledonian Uni
Nikki Miller Wishaw
Julia Graham Thames Valley
Lynsey McCallum Wishaw
Alex Esplin NEST
Keith Hardman Thames Valley
John Doran Hillpark
Sami Grimes Vale TKD
Ruby Bryant Cardiff Self Defence
Aisha Macey Vale TKD
Lynsey Wilkes Cardiff Self Defence
Sofia Amassoul Catherham
Madelief Jeuken Morley
Lara Nicholas Cardiff Self Defence
James Sorby Soar Valley
Erin Smith Wishaw
Anjali Rameshwaran Botley
Emilia Hope Cardiff Self Defence
Keir Campbell Shotts
Andrew Crerar Thames Valley
Sebastian Fryszka Crawley Down
Ciara Smith Wishaw
Callum O’Hara Wishaw
Ewan Young Crawley Down
Jack Crane Walton