Condolence Letter from ITF

Dear All,

I hereby would like to inform all of you that SGM. Benny Rivera, ITF Vice-​President has passed away to our great sorrow on 10th December 2013. He came to this world for Taekwon-​Do, lived the whole his life for Taekwon-​Do and left us with this great memory of legacy and loyalty that our beloved General Choi Hong Hi handed down to his generations. All his career was embodied of all the processes of every step that our ITF foot-​printed so far to undergo ever recorded Odyssey beyond imagination. He sacrificed his whole for the bright future of our family. We will cherish his soul for eternal memory of the generations to come. We will exert ourselves to do our utmost to turn into reality all his dreams he deeply aspired after only for the goodness of our ITF family.

With heavy heart, I remain

Yours in sorrow

Prof. Dr. Chang UNG