Dear Instructors, students and parents

I hope you are all well!
The Grading Panel and I intend to conduct the National Technical Seminar and Grading as planned on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4th – 6th September in East Grinstead Sports Centre.

Master Clark, the host for the event, has reassurance from the venue’s area manager that we can go ahead.

He will meet again with the centre management to conduct a detailed risk assessment which will establish what steps we must all take to comply with the coronavirus lockdown restrictions as they will be in England, in September.

The Executive Masters Council are in constant discussion and are confident that the training and grading syllabus can be adapted to provide a safe environment for all.

Students may train in small ‘bubbles’ to ensure social distancing. The venue has two large halls and outdoor training areas to further limit interaction. Regular, rolling breaks may be provided so that individual ‘bubbles’ can eat, rest, or visit the toilets without interacting with others. There may be no training with partners, but greater emphasis will be placed on patterns, fundamental movements and theory. There will be no audience permitted for any part of the event.

Please reassure students and parents that everything possible will be done and encourage them to apply with confidence.
Please send in your application forms (available on this website) to Head Office as soon as possible and email the National Secretary with your expected numbers to help us plan everything.

Yours in Taekwon-Do
GM John Williamson President