Master Taylor Bio

Started Training — September 1974

List of Promotion Dates :-

1st Dan September 1977

2nd Dan 1980

3rd Dan 1983

4th Dan 1986

5th Dan 1990

6th Dan 1995

7th Dan 2001

8th Dan 2007

What Inspires You?

I watched a demo in Barry Memorial Hall. Performing was then Master Rhee and other blackbelts from the RAF.

Who has been the greatest influence on your TKD career?

General Choi, Grand Master Rhee, Master Park Jung Tae, and all the original Masters that I met and trained with.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Competing in World and Euro Championships and in British and national teams. Winning world and European medals in individual and team competitions, and having been part of the first UKTA British team in 1977. I retired from Championships inDPR Korea in 1989 in the 13th festival of youth and student games in an opening ceremony of 150 thousand people in the May Day Stadium.

Senior Master Taylor Today

From 1990 I took over as Welsh coach, and a few years later, British coach, where I took teams all over the world, from Europe and Asia, to South America, Australia and Russia.

I retired from coaching at the beginning of 2012.

As a Senior Master in the UKTA, I am a member of the Masters Council, who work on improving and promoting our association for future generations. I conduct seminars and gradings up and down the UK, and I am president of ITF Wales.