New Promotions

It is with heartfelt pleasure and pride that I announce four senior promotions announced at the 26th ITF Congress held at the 20th ITF World Championships in Pyongyang, DPR Korea.
Grandmaster John Taylor 9th Degree
Master Dean Matthews 7th Degree
Master John Reilly 7th Degree
Master Steve Millis 7th Degree

Congratulations Grandmaster and Masters!

Grandmaster John F. Williamson
UK Taekwon-​Do Association President

UK Open 2017

UK Open & 4 Nations Championships

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November 2017
Guildford Spectrum

World Championships Results

20th ITF World Championships Results
18th — 21st September 2017 — Pyongyang, DPRK

• Jenine Hutchinson (England) ~ Silver ~ 4th Dan Patterns
• Kirsty Miller (England) ~ Silver ~ –45kg Sparring
• Karen Frondigoun (Scotland) ~ Silver ~ Female Power
• Charlotte Nickson (Wales) ~ Bronze ~ 2nd Degree Patterns
• Valentina Iotchkova (England) ~ Bronze ~ 3rd Dan Patterns
• Jenine Hutchinson (England) ~ Bronze ~ –51kg Sparring
• Natalie Buchin (England) ~ Bronze ~ –75kg Sparring
• Amy Burgess (England) ~ Bronze ~ –75kg Sparring
• England Female Team ~ Bronze ~ Team Power

Congratulations to all the UK Medallists and to everyone who took part in a memorable Championship.