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UKTA President Grandmaster John Williamson 9th Degree

Grandmaster John Williamson is the current President of the UK Taekwon-​Do Association. He is the Senior Instructor at Elgin School of Taekwon-​Do and operates his own Taekwon-​Do Academy and Dojang.

John Williamson was born 30th December 1957. Initially driven by a desire to improve his gymnastic Northern Soul dance moves, he started his Taekwon-​Do journey at Elgin School of Taekwon-​Do on 29th May 1977. Three years and six A passes later, on 31st March 1980, he promoted to 1st degree.

When promoted to Master by Grand Master Rhee Ki-​Ha on 4th March 2001, Mr Williamson became Master Williamson and one of the first students to complete the entire syllabus of the UKTA, by performing a physical grading from 10th Kup to 7th Degree.

However the Taekwon-​Do journey had far from ended and (then) Master Williamson became Senior Master Williamson on 4th September 2006.

During the 80’s, Grandmaster Williamson was a prolific and successful competitor. In 1982, European Champion, Naples, winning gold in Black Belt power; 1983, British Champion, winning gold in Black Belt power; 1984, Kelvin Hall, World Champion, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, winning gold in Black Belt power; 1984 British Champion, winning gold in Black Belt power and in 1989, Grandmaster Williamson competed, captained and coached the Scottish Team to victory in the 4 Nations tournament. GM Williamson was the Scottish Coach during the 80’s and 90’s.

As an Instructor, GM Williamson runs one of the oldest and largest Schools in the UKTA. He has taught Taekwon-​Do to over one thousand students, with over 100 of them reaching Black Belt. When one particular student, Sean Cattanach, promoted to Master, Grandmaster Williamson described it as ‘…my proudest moment in Taekwon-​Do’.

Grandmaster Williamson notes that his favourite Taekwon-​Do technique is flying reverse turning kick. It made him a Taekwon-​Do World Champion, but thankfully… he didn’t try it on the dance floor.

Seminar with Gen Choi and GM Rhee Ki Ha - Reading - April 1990 Photo for local newspaper on promotion to Master - March 2001  Flying front kick - Elgin TKD school badge! 1988 Demo at Elgin Community Centre, knifehand two brick air break - 1991 Interview with John Williamson and Gordon Wallace after both winning Gold Medals at World Championships April 1984 Kelvin Hall Sparring training at Elgin Community Centre with Charlie Barclay Presented with Plaque 332 by the Founder at UKTA 20th Anniversary Dinner 1987 Sparring with Charles Riley at demo to promote 4th World Championships in Glasgow Photo shoot Roseisle Beach nr Elgin 1987 4th World Championships 1984 - winning the Gold medal Demo at the esplanade in Lossiemouth 1986 Photo shoot Roseisle Beach nr Elgin 1987 Gold medal UK Open 1983


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