Black Belt Grading March 2014

The UK Taekwon-​Do Association held its first bi-​annual Black Belt Seminar and Grading of 2014 over the weekend of 7th to 9th March 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Over 80 participants from Scotland, England, Wales, Norway and Finland took part on the course which was conducted by -:
SM John Williamson — UKTA President
SM John Taylor — President of ITF wales
SM Gary Miller — Vice Chairman EITF NW Umpire Committee

The grading exam was conducted on the Sunday and 45 students were promoted from 1st Degree to 6th Degree with special guest, SM Michael Prewett, EITF President, present during the examination.

The UKTA’s next Black Belt course and grading will be conducted in September, in Leicester, England. All ITF members are welcome and cordially invited to join us at this time.